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Our Dynamic Trio

Ayan Chugh

He is the next generation of the fashion world with multiple ventures covering different aspects of glamour. A venture capitalist holding a vision for growing the fashion industry with his experience and creativity. Having worked with renowned celebrities nationally and internationally, he holds the vision to change the outlook of the industry with his commitment to his mission.  

Vanish Chugh

He is the brain behind the venture with his specialisation in niche and luxury brand management. Also known as one of the 10 most powerful people in Rajasthan, he currently holds the exposure that has successfully enabled him to create a name for himself and his ventures nationally and internationally. 

Deepali Chugh

She is the technical director behind Sizzlin Scizzors. Her extensive knowledge about the hair and beauty industry is what has given Sizzlin Scizzors the edge over the years. Being a certified hair and makeup specialist by the top trainers around the world, she is the reason Sizzlin Scizzors has delivered the well known experience to over 50 Lakh clients over all these years. Her knowledge is what sets her apart.

Welcome to Sizzlin Scizzors